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Thursday, May 26, 2011

CVS Deals & Bargains 75% OFF Beauty Products!

Mega Makeup Sale at CVS/pharmacy from, ALMAY, REVLON, L’OREAL & many more. I scored big today wish I had went sooner most of the makeup was gone. First come first basis, every Diva for herself.
1 ALMAY 1CT DIAL MS2 $2.12-     Saved $6.37
1 ALMAY BRGHT C MEDM $2.35-  Saved $7.04
ALMAY BRGT L DCHC $2.27-      Saved $7.42
1 L’ORL BROW ST MDBN $2.75-    Saved $8.24
1 REVLN AD SPA GOLD $3.49-        Saved $10.50
1 REVLN LUX KOH MINK $2.62     Saved $7.87


Total $11.47
Check your local CVS, not sure if the sale is at every CVS. I checked two different stores and most of it is going but what a bargain, couldn’t pass it up. Check your Sunday paper for coupons.

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