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Saturday, August 20, 2011

EOS Lip Balm! Are your lips dry?!

EOS lip balm’s are 95% organic, 100% natural and petroleum free. Packed with vitamin E, Jojoba Oil.

eos lip balm in sweet mint. 

Directions: Twist off top. Pucker up. Smooth on Smile.

It’s shape like an egg, you would never know it was a lip balm! 

eos Lip Balm! 

Twist the cap & voila! I thought I did it wrong, but I squeeze the top part
and the other half of the lip balm came out. (happy face)! 

Isn’t so cute, it fits right in your purse. It has a sweet minty taste, lives your lips soft & kissable! 

eos lip balm’s  are available at most retail stores, Walgreens, CVS. You can also shop online eos. I found this little treat for a merely 99 cents. Dry lips, are a drag. Could never find a good lip balm, & I hate when some lip balms leave you feeling like your wearing oil grease on your lips, but I’m happy with my eos!

Disclosure: I didn’t receive any type of compensation for this post. This are my true & honest words. Just something I wanted to share. 


  1. Love this Lipbalm! It works great :)

  2. Thanks, I can’t find the body lotion! I love it! XO