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Monday, September 19, 2011

Excuse Me! Do you have the Time?!

Time is so valuable & precious, why not do it in style! Avon has always created amazing, beautiful pieces. Great style, affordable & chic! A watch is such a essential piece to any outfit, I love to accessorize my wardrobe with one essential piece of jewelry. This particular watch is a March jeweled birthstone from Avon. I’ve had it for so long, I’m not even sure if they still sell it. When I purchased the watch it was $14.99, usually Avon has discounts sales when they launch a new products. My birthstone is Jan/Garnet but this color is so gorgeous. It looks great on anyone, any age, match it to any outfit.

Avon Birthstone Jeweled Watch

no straps, its like a wearing a bracelet & a watch! 

Avon is also a great outlet to start your own business, make extra money if your a student, a stay at home mom. To shop visit Avon or to find your local Avon lady!

Have you purchased any products, jewelry from Avon?  What’s your favorite piece of jewelry?

Disclosure: I didn’t receive any type of compensation for writing this post. I purchased the watch, just something I wanted to share.

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