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Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Friday! A Sweet Limitless Scent!

Happy Friday! 

TGIF! Diva’s! Any plans this weekend! Sad to say summer has ended, fall is definitely here. It was 45 degrees this morning, that’s cold honey! Celebrating the end of summer with this cute, smiley cake. Isn’t it adorable! Sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. Living in Boston I will never get use to the cold weather, ever. Born and raised in Dominican Republic I’m a Beach Girl! Too cute to eat!

L’Bel LLIMETEE Fragrance

“A flower the German Iris with diverse aromas, sweet, velvety slightly citric - that fuses a limitless scent, like the imagination itself. The creator Ilias Ermedinis was inspired by the power that woman have to visualize their dream, their objectives and how they strive to make them a reality."

Retail Value - $42.00

L’Bel Illimitee is my fav fragrance at the moment, its such a sweet scent very delicate. The bottle is gorgeous! I think finding the right fragrance is like finding the right shoe, it has to be a perfect match. I’m in love with it! Check out L’BEL for more information, purchase.

What’s your favorite fragrance at the moment?

Disclosure: I din’t receive any type of compensation. This are my own true & honest words.

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