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Friday, November 4, 2011

Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula

Heads up ladies! Palmer’s has extended their product line & now has hair products! Yay! I love Palmer’s products so affordable, no gimmicks, no expensive packaging just simple amazing products. The new Coconut Oil formula is coco-delish! I tried the complete line including the hair relaxer (not shown in picture) & loved it! I get bored with things and I just have to try different things to see how they work. I like that Palmer’s products are family oriented, safe & good for the whole family.

  • Conditioning Shampoo - A natural blend of ingredients replenishes essentials oils that have been stripped from the hair that has been colored, relaxed, pressed or cover-style. Replenishes Moisture adds shine, with vitamin E. Removes build up.
  • Repairing Conditioner - Repairs and Renews dry, damaged hair. Strengthens and seals hair’s cuticle, shines all day.
  • Shine Serum/Hair Polisher - For frizz-free shine, repairs dry, damaged hair. Pure coconut and Marula oil.
  • Hair Milk - Lightweight hair lotion for frizz-free moisture and shine. Infuses hair with essential oils for glossy shine.
  • Strong Roots Spray - Moisturizes hair & scalp, freshens hair, smoothes tightness & itch. For human & synthetic hair.

Conclusion: The coconut scent is incredible, it smell like real coconuts. My hair felt softer, & my hair is really dry. My hair is colored treated, relaxed. I use flat irons, curling iron, blow dryer. I mean it needs some work. Palmer’s formula is non greasy, lightweight, smooths fly-aways,. My mom used it & loves it, her hair is also colored treated & dry. I would def recommend this product. I would love try their Olive Oil line of hair products, too. 

Conditioning Shampoo
Repairing  Conditioning
 Strong Roots Spray
 Hair Polisher
 Hair Milk

To purchase the products shown above visit Palmer’s 

Disclosure: I was under no obligation to write this post. I received the products as part of a Facebook promotion. This are my own true & honest words.


  1. I so love the small pack of the treatment they sell , it not a leave in its a treatment that comes in a small pack. I love it, it has protien and coconut oit. its great

    1. Hi, Rachel thanks for the feedback. Palmers hair products are great, I love adding them to my hair routine.

  2. Hi

    I have purchased today Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Strong Roots Spray and Palmers Coconut Oil Formula Moisture Gro.

    Can't wait to try them. I just hope that they will not make my hair flat and greasy....