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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sheer Cover Natural Mineral Makeup (oh la la!)

How many times have we all being watching TV & informercials come on. Sheer Cover Mineral Makeup (As seen on TV) by Guthy-Renker are 100% pure minerals. Sheer Cover helps conceal dark circles, age spots, sun damage acne & blotchiness. Sheer Cover’s Lid-to-Lip Highlighter in Peach is an all natural powder its great dusting a little on your cheeks, lips, lids, shoulders for that golden glow. I also received the Bronzing Tan Mineral, helps instantly illuminate the look of your skin, leaves your skin with a healthy looking glow. It’s also formulated with photo-reflecting minerals  and other key ingredients. Moving on to the Base Perfector the name says it all. Also you can check out my review of the Sophisticate Face Palette CLICK HERE Gorgeous Palette. 

Sheer Cover Bronzing Tan Minerals 

Sheer Cover Lip-to-Lid Highlighter Peach 

Base Perfector-
Smoothes imperfections, Minimizes the appearance of pores & fine lines.
Dermatologist Tested. 
What it does: Helps smooth away visible skin imperfections. Helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and enlarged pores. Features: Helps leave the skin shine free and feeling soft after application. Oil free formula. Key ingredients include vitamins A and E, green tea, cucumber, and botanical marine extracts.

Makeup is supposed accentuate what you already have, not make you look older or lets just say like a clown at a circus. I love Sheer Cover because its so light & refreshing, I have tried their mineral foundation in the past, it doesn’t melt in the summer heats, its not heavy. I can’t live without the Base Perfector is so light, clear it’s like a veil over your skin, amazing product. I’m really interested to try Sheer Cover Glamour Kit, perfect. I’m satisfied!

You can purchase Sheer Cover Mineral Makeup directly on their site CLICK HERE Free Shipping

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