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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Discover Parnevu T-Tree Oil Hair Care (Review)

Parnevu T-Tree Oil products are uniquely formulated to promote growth, prevent hair breakage, repair split ends, and eliminate dry scalp, leaving you hair healthy, vibrant and strong. Tea tree oil has been considered as one of nature's most versatile natural healers. Tea tree oil has numerous benefits including combating dandruff and oily skin, killing bacteria. It is the perfect way to stimulate and refresh both the hair and scalp. Regular use of Parnevu T-Tree Oil products promotes the natural healing process for total hair and scalp health. 

PARNEVU organic T-Tree Shampoo is a unique blend of botanicals designed to cleanse the hair and scalp of impurities. Its ultra formula penetrates the hair to replace and lock in vital moisture lost to chemical damage and everyday styling. It leaves hair soft and manageable. Specially formulated with Australian Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca Alternifolia) to help eliminate itching and flaking when used on a regular basis.

PARNEVU T-Tree Leave In Conditioner is uniquely formulated to penetrate, heal and moisturize dry, damaged hair & flaky, itchy scalp. Regular use of the T-Tree Oil Leave In formula promotes the natural healing process for total hair and scalp achieve total hair and scalp health, PARNEVU introduces an exclusive 3 Step Curative System enriched with the anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties of natural healing Tea Tree Oil.

PARNEVU T-Tree Break Control coats the hair with its unique formula, preventing hair breakage and split ends. This process locks in moisture, adds elasticity and leaves the hair soft, manageable and shiny.

PARNEVU Oil Styling Lotion is specially formulated with Vitamin E and the finest natural oils to protect condition and moisturize your hair. It absorbs into hair, replacing vital moister lost due to chemical damage and everyday styling. Use every time you style your hair's natural moisture level and manageability.

Here a few simple steps from Parnevu to help prevent hair breakage:
  • Drink plenty of water daily
  • Eat well balanced meals (reducing your intake of fried foods, and sugar)
  • Develop a regular workout routine
  • Gently massage your scalp daily (increases circulation, stimulate hair growth)
  • If you use heat in your hair, use sparingly
  • Clip your split and damaged ends regularly
  • Normal pillow cases will absorb oil from your hair, so invest in a satin pillowcase or satin head scarf or cap

Parnevu products are all natural & men and woman can use it. There are so many benefits to using tea tree oil. All Parnevu products are very affordable raging from $5 to $7 I highly recommended if your hair is relaxed, or natural, curly it doesn’t matter it works for everyone. I used the products on myself and my mother which is two totally different hair types, my hair is course, dry & over-styled her hair is curly, frizzy. The products smell amazing, no product build up you really don’t have to spend a lot to get great results. Both of us have dandruff, dry itchy scalp from all the products we use, tea tree oil soothes the scalp when use on a regular basis. The break control is a miracle worker I can style our hair anyway I want, braids, curls blow dry is not greasy at all, none of the products are. I love how clean & soft my hair was after using the shampoo and conditioner, it was so fresh so clean & trust I’m very picky when it comes to hair products and what I put in my hair.  To keep my style fresh through this crazy summer heat I used the oil styling lotion is pink, rich & creamy works great to touch up dry ends. I recommend this products, I’m all about hair, hair hair a good hair day is a perfect day in my book! It works on any hair type and I can’t wait to try other products from the t-tree line.

Check out Parnevu online at Parnevu.com  Stay connected with Parnevu for the latest news & giveaways on Facebook & Twitter There is also a sale right now Buy a Relaxer Kit get a free Shampoo!

- Patricia 

Disclosure: Sample product was provided for review purposes, no other compensation was provided. 

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