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Friday, July 13, 2012

Keratin Earth Straightening System Review

Keratin Earth is a unique system that is completely different than the Brazilian Keratin treatments currently on the market. Unlike the Brazilian style treatments, KERATIN EARTH does not include formaldehyde (or HYDES of any kind) nor does it include any ingredient that will release formaldehyde into the air when the product is heated. This product has been air quality tested. Keratin Earth uses our exclusive Versaplex technology; a complex formula that includes Keratin and protective, restructuring proteins to repair your hair.

Keratin Earth safely delivers smoother hair while minimizing frizz and damage.
  •  Increases shine, smoothness and overall manageability of hair
  •  Decreases frizz
  •  Product lasts for at least 30 days
  •  Prolongs the life of permanent hair color
  • Can be used on all hair types including color treated and chemically processed hair
  •  Can wash hair right away...no wait time
  • Allows flexibility to wear hair straight or curly
  • Once styled, hairstyle will last longer regardless of the weather
  • Product washes out over time if not maintained with KE shampoo and conditioner
  • No "grow out" phase
  • Does not need 450 degree heat to "bake" product into hair
  •  Works with a botanical extract and our exclusive Versaplex technology

Keratin Earth employs a unique combination of ingredients to safely deliver straight hair while minimizing damage. All straightening products for the hair make use of a similar 3 step regimen – hair is softened and stretched, structurally rearranged, and then set into place. It is how these steps are accomplished that sets the different straightening systems apart. Permanent straightening systems, such as hair relaxers and the Japanese straightening systems, make use of caustic actives that can be highly damaging to the hair and very irritating to the skin because of their higher pH. The trendy "Brazilian hair straightening systems" operate at lower pH conditions, but typically require the inclusion of formaldehyde at concentrations greater than 10x the concentration considered safe by the Cosmetic Ingredient Review Expert Panel (USA).

Keratin Earth provides straightening effects without having the disadvantages of the other treatments. It is carried out under essentially neutral conditions using a combination of mild ingredients and protecting, restructuring, and conditioning components. Keratin Earth does not contain formaldehyde or damaging oxidative neutralizers.

Step 1 : Shampoo

Shampoo and rinse hair twice with Keratin Shampoo (Bottle #1). Towel dry to remove excess moisture.
This will prepare the hair to accept the Keratin Straightening Therapy by giving it a deep clean and removing any build-up.

Step 2 : Straightening Therapy

Starting at nape of neck, use 1 inch sections of hair and apply Keratin Straightening Therapy (Bottle #2) starting at base through ends. Comb the treatment into hair. Repeat procedure, saturating entire head. NOTE: You do not need to use the entire bottle. There is enough of a supply for the longest, thickest hair type so chances are that you will not use it all. Leave the treatment in your hair for 20 minutes. Wash Straightening Therapy out of hair with Shampoo (Bottle 1)

Step 3 : Nourishing Masque

Comb through, detangle hair and remove excess moisture. Apply Leave-In Conditioning Masque (Apply liberally without over-saturating the hair). Leave masque in hair for 2 minutes and rinse.

Step 4 : Protein Conditioner
Apply Protein Conditioner to hair (Bottle #4) and rinse.
Blow dry hair until 90% dry (This is when hair appears dry but is still
cool to the touch). Separate hair into 1 inch sections and pass over each section of hair
with a 1" flat iron. For coarse, thick hair you will want to pass the iron over each section 5 or 6 times. For fine hair, it may require just one pass. The more passes, the straighter the hair. 

End Results:

Thoughts: This was my trying any type of keratin treatment & I was nervous because of all the horror stories you hear. Keratin Earth is very gentle, my hair is medium-coarse very dry over styled. I follow all the instructions took me 20 minutes to apply the treatment and another 20 minutes to blow dry my hair and flat iron. The entire process is super simple and easy, my hair did not fall off or even shed. Actually conditioned my hair, was tamed, less frizz. I only used step 2 twice you don’t need to use every time you wash you hair. The products are a good size and I’m extremely happy with my results. Just so you know if you wash your hair with a different shampoo it washes off the Keratin treatment. I used a heat styling spray when I flat iron my hair and I used step 3 as a leaving conditioner before blow drying my hair. I would recommend this product is much safer than using a relaxer I haven’t relaxed my hair in almost a year & I don’t intend to. Keratin Earth is worth every penny. I took my own pictures of the products to show you that’s what I used. A quick tip that I did was leave step 4 the protein conditioner for 10 minutes for extra conditioning. 

For more information or to purchase Keratin Earth visit their site keratinearth.com Keratin Earth retails for $99.95 they also offer 30- day money back guarantee. 

Disclosure: Editorial Sample was provided. All opinions expressed are my own. 

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