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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Healium 5 Hair Products

Have you heard of Healium 5? Well if you haven’t your not alone. This was my first time trying Healium hair products. I received the Fibre Flex Multi-Function Styling Spray/Finishing Spray, aiHr Whipp Volumizing Mousse and aiHr Hairspray with sunscreen.  According to their site: "Healium 5 was founded in 2007 by Cordiale Di Maio and can be found in 900+ salons nationwide. Our motto? Healthy Hair, Healthy Scalp. Healium 5 has combined both great formulations along with the best natural ingredients and has created extraordinary professional hair care. Healium 5 is the finest and most beneficial hair care you will ever use. Healium 5 hair products comprised of Vitamins, Hydration, Protein, Natural Oils and Amino Acids are fortified with over 25 natural soothing and healing ingredients, making Healium 5 the finest professional hair care products available."

aiHr Whipp Mousse
Super clean volume and texture marry UV shields for color protection in this affordable firm hold mousse.  Virtually weightless and water soluble, this humidity resistant mousse is ideal for all hair types with no flaking, dusting, or dryness.  Linseed oil enhances shine and wheat germ for strength, while providing a fresh, clean scent.  
 I was extremely pleased and impressed with this hair products. I specially loved the mousse, is very light & it has a great scent. It doesn’t dry out your hair. I used on myself and my daughter works on any hair type in my opinion. I’m happy to see hair products that protect your hair and color from the damaging UV rays.

aiHr Hairspray
With sunscreen & hydrolyzed silk
This extraordinary workable medium hold spray is brushable, buildable and 100% water soluble. Want a stronger hold?  Just apply more spray! Humidity resistant, even with extreme air moisture.  Fortified with sunscreen shields to protect color from harmful UVA/UVB rays, aiHr hairspray helps insure color results while hydrolyzed silk encourages shine.

 FibreFlex Styling Spray
Functionable versatility is what defines FibreFlex Styling Spray.  This 5 in 1aerosol spray, specially formulated with humidity resisters and sunscreen, will define, lift, shape or firmly hold:  
       Excellent hot iron spray
       Firm hold finisher
       Scrunch in curl definer
       Root lifts & defines
       Spray Sculpt
This gel base in an aerosol spray is recommended for all hair types.  FibreFlex is 100% water soluble and can be used for wet or dry application.  This product gives excellent texture to the hair and has a fibrous feel, perfect for roller setting.

aiHr Hairspray with sunscreen works great if your going for that top knot bun look, or just to keep your style looking great all day. It really didn’t feel sticky or dry like most hairsprays. I actually didn’t feel like my hair was stiff at all. Each hairspray works differently to use together or use either one. I don’t like hair products that dry out my hair or even worse cause dandruff with Healium 5 your guaranteed beautiful, gorgeous hair without animal testing. They also offer shampoo & conditioners which I’m dying to try also. 

Have you tried Healium 5?

To find out more and where to purchase you can visit healiumhair.com


Disclosure: I received the products for free for review purposes. No other compensation was provided.

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