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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Liquid Gold Hair Growth Oil (Sulfur Based)

Introducing Liquid Gold Hair Hair Products. Who doesn’t want longer, thicker hair. I received Liquid Gold Hair Growth Oil (sulfur based) to test. If your not familiar with Liquid Gold Hair Products keep reading. 
According to their site: 
"Liquid Gold Hair Enjoy Thicker, Longer Hair In 4 Weeks Or Less. We Have Combined Nature’s Best Ingredients To Create A Sulfur Blend Which Results In Faster Hair Growth Beyond Your Wildest Dreams. Easily double your hair growth rate with continued use. Continue using until you reach your hair length goal. Your bottle of Hair Growth Oil will come with a free hair growth regimen for even faster results."

Liquid Gold Growth Oil (Sulfur based) 4oz 

Ingredients: Grapeseed Oil, Castor Oil, Argan Oil, Sulfur Powder, Proprietary Essential Oil Blend.
 Retail Value: $9.95  (4oz) 
Each  bottle of Hair Growth Oil  comes with a free hair growth regimen for even faster results. Samples of the sulfate free shampoo, conditioner, whipped ginger daily moisturizer and a sample size of the essentials oil. 

Key Features:

Grapeseed Oil: Promotes Hair Growth. Moisturizing Benefits For The Scalp.
Castor Oil: Used As A Conditioning Agent For The Scalp. Stimulates Hair Growth.
Argan Oil: Rich In Vitamin E. Great Moisturizer For Scalp. Imported from Morocco.
Sulfur Powder: Referred To As The Beauty Mineral. Acts As An Antibacterial Which Ensures A Healthy Scalp. It Improves Circulation Which Is Critical To Hair Growth.

I took this picture indoors so I apologize for the bad resolution. I used the Liquid Gold Hair Growth Oil for  roughly 2 months I would say. 

The process was time consuming I have a lot of hair so to apply the oil it took me 30 minutes to do my entire head. I did noticed my scalp was healthy, less dandruff. I have to say that I noticed about an inch of growth mostly at the ends. I didn’t apply the oil everyday, just 3 to 4 times a week. You can do it daily if you like. I also received samples of Liquid Gold’s hair regimen. I was recommend to use a sulfate free shampoo during the process to progress the results. The oil doesn’t have a strong scent it just smells like olive oil mixed with other oils. If your wondering it doesn’t drip. You part your hair, apply the oil directly to your scalp massage your scalp gently. I did this process before bed, it was just easier to do for me. My hair is short in the front and shoulder length in the back. I did noticed length & thickness I have a lot of hair & I trim my hair every 6 weeks. I style my hair at home before I took this picture I blow dry my hair straight to do a check length. I think to see extreme results it takes time I’m still using the oil every other day but is a long process. I’m happy with the results in  2 months and can’t wait to see my hair in 6 months. Happy Hair Growth Divas! 

Did you know Liquid Gold Hair Products offers different types of oils & now fragranced oils. You can visit liquidgoldhairproducts.com to find out more and to purchase Liquid Gold Hair Growth Oil.


Disclosure: I received the products for free for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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