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Friday, December 21, 2012

Fast Hair Growth Hair Formula 37 Complete Program Review and Giveaway!

I wanted to introduce you to a new hair products I received a 30-day supply of Hair Formula 37 hair supplements (1 bottle of Step One and 2 bottles of Step Two) a shampoo and conditioner. My hair is mid-shoulder length and is coarse so it takes special care to grow. You can divide the dosage of the vitamins through the day to make easier (a total of 8 vitamins/day for 30 days) The shampoo and conditioner made my hair soft, fuller and added volume is best to use them together for better results.

The Hair Formula 37  Complete Program is formulated to work with ALL hair types and contains essential nutrients and amino acids to help make hair grow faster and stronger.
  • Speed up your current hair growth rate - up to double your normal growth rate per month
  • Great for all hair types
  • Strengthen and fortify hair with essential nutrients
  • Get beautiful, healthy looking hair
This Complete Program includes the best products needed to grow hair faster: 1 bottle of Step One and 2 bottles of Step Two hair vitamins; 1 bottle of GROW! Shampoo and 1 bottle of GROW! Conditioner. Add the optional Herbal Booster to get an extra boost of hair growth minerals and botanicals.

Shampoo for color treated hair GROW! is an excellent shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair and can help colored hair stay vibrant longer.  GROW! is also formulated to improve the health and appearance of dry hair, normal hair, and oily hair.  Whether you have fine or thick hair, GROW! is the ideal daily shampoo and conditioner.

Promote hair growth Though GROW! is not formulated to stop hair loss, Saw Palmetto Extract found in the shampoo may help block harmful DHT that can lead to thinning hair.  GROW! also contains Green Tea Extract, which helps to gently remove any dirt and product build up and nourish the scalp.

Get longer hair faster This special blend of vitamins and amino acids in GROW! are delivered straight to the scalp to help stimulate hair follicles and speed up hair growth.  When used with the HF37 vitamins, GROW! shampoo and conditioner can help hair grow up to twice as fast.

Hair Formula 37 hair vitamins work to nourish hair from within and are an essential part of our faster hair growth program. A 30 day supply includes 1 bottle of Step One and 2 bottles of Step Two. Together these two formulas provide all the essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids hair needs to grow fast and healthy.
  • Get faster growing hair
  • Make hair healthier
  • Strengthen and protect hair from damage

  • Step one includes 12 vitamins for hair, minerals, and nutrients necessary for proper hair growth. 60 tablets per bottle.
  • Step two contains 4200mgs. of 18  amino acids. Amino acids are the "building blocks" of protein. 90 tablets per bottle.
  • If we combined the two steps together (into one tablet) the tablets would be too large. Please compare any other hair growth vitamins on the market and compare ingredients. You will not find a superior product.
  • Hair Formula 37 is 100% guaranteed to be the best hair growth vitamins available anywhere
A special blend of biotinniacinzinc, Vitamin B-12, and other vital nutrients make hair healthy, strong, and beautiful. Hair Formula 37 Step One hair vitamins can make hair grow up to twice as fast when used along with Hair Formula 37 Step Two vitamins.

Hair growth has everything to do with eating healthy, taking special care of your hair and taking the proper vitamins and mineral for your hair. I truly believe that a good healthy hair regimen starts from within it takes a lot of patience to see results. I think as far as long term results I would continue to use the Hair Formula 37 regimen for a few months. I didn’t have any side effects while taking the vitamins. I noticed my hair color was more vibrant, the conditioner really made my hair softer and shine. The vitamin dosage is a lot but if you divide it thought the and take with food is worth it. This product really does work, my hair growth was about an inch or 2 that’s a lot because my hair takes forever to growth. I would like to see a sulfate-free shampoo because I’m trying to stay away from sulfates but I love the hair growth vitamins and will continue to use.

GIVEAWAY- Enter to win a 30-day supply of Fast Hair Growth Hair Formula 37 complete program.

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The complete Hair Formula 37 program retails for ($69.99) if you would like to purchase or to find out more please visit HairFormula37.com You can also save 15% off on orders over $65 or more only for the holidays using coupon code - HOLIDAY37  You can also sign up for Auto-Ship and save 25% with Free Shipping! 

- Patricia 

Disclosure: Product Sample was provided. I didn’t receive any other type of compensation. All opinions are my own. 

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