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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Green Living NaturOli SoapNuts & Natural Skin Care Review

Are you Green Living, is a new year and new era of eco friendly products. All my life growing up I saw my mom clean, wash our clothes with bleach and all those other big names detergents and household cleaners and I didn’t think anything of it. As I got older I became more aware of natural products, non-toxic safe to use around our home. I was sent gift basket from NaturOil to test, this was my first time using soap nuts. All I ever knew was that to keep your clothes clean and fresh your supposed to use laundry detergent not soap nuts.  According to their site: 

"NaturOli is a natural skin care company that believes that an educated consumer is a happy consumer. We specialize in natural alternative cleaning products based on saponin extract from soap nuts that are wild-harvested in Northern India and NepalNaturOli imports only high quality soap nuts of the Mukorossi variety that grow primarily in the northern region of India and Nepal. We do this for only one reason. The Mukorossi tree tends to produce fruits of consistently high saponin content. That is what is most important. However, as with any crop of nature, growing seasons can vary each year based on climate and specific weather conditions. In addition, the fruit is harvested after falling from the tree. The seeds are removed by hand. They are sun dried in the open air. There will be various sizes, colors and conditions of the shells harvested from the exact same tree and harvest. Just as not all apples, oranges, grapes, etc. from the same harvest have the exact same color, size and taste, not all soap nuts from the same growing area will look and feel exactly the same."

Soap nuts provide us with a simple, highly effective, natural, non-pollutant, green alternative method for performing the routine tasks of cleaning and laundry. Each of us can contribute to saving the environment by avoiding products containing harmful chemicals. We can easily change our homes to healthier places to live.

Experience how amazingly versatile soap nuts can be for laundry, household cleaning - and personal care, too! See individual items for details.

This specially priced package will introduce you to many NaturOli exclusive 
soap berry basedformulations. Discover Mother Nature's wonderful, natural gift of soap nuts! Retail Value: $28.95 

Soap Nuts "Starter" Set includes:
- 1/4 POUND of NaturOli "Select" Soap Nuts, USDA Certified Organic (with 8-pg info and instructions pamphlet plus heavy duty wash bag).

- 1-oz Mini-Size of "EXTREME 18X" Soap Nut Liquid Concentrate (Detergent and Cleaner)

- A rich, handmade Soap Nut Shampoo Bar.- A luxurious, handmade Soap Nuts Cleansing Bar.

NaturOli exclusive Soap Nuts Laundry Pre-Treat Stick.
NOTE: Stick dispenser type may vary from shown. Product weight will be equal or more.

A 2-oz Mini-Size of our ultra-popular "EXTREME Hair" Soap Nut Shampoo.

Basic Laundry Directions: The simplest, most common and traditional method of washing laundry with soap nuts is by using the raw nuts in a drawstring bag, and simply tossing the bag in with your laundry. The soap nuts can also be used to make a 'tea', a fine soap nut powder or concentrated solution. 

Warm or Hot Water Wash:
    Put 4 or 5 soap nut shells or equivalent pieces, about a half-ounce, in cotton or muslin drawstring bag and tie bag securely.
    Toss in washing machine before you add your clothes.
    Remove from washer at end of the wash to dry (leave soap nuts in bag).
    Re-use 3 to 5 times. The soap nuts are no longer effective when they become thin, mushy and very light tan or gray.


Soap nuts will last longer using warm vs. hot water.Soft water may require less soap nuts. Very hard water will require a bag of 5 shells.There is no need for fabric softener. Soap nuts leave your cloths soft.Soap nuts have a distinct odor, similar to vinegar when they are dry and more pungent when wet. Soap nuts do not smell pleasant: but amazingly your clothes smell clean and fresh after washing with soap nuts.If you like scent, you can add 10 drops of essential oil on the cotton bag before tossing it into the machine.Soap nuts will not remove heavy stains, as with any detergent, pre-treat stains with a stain remover as you normally would.If clothes are very dirty, do half size loads instead of full.If you like super whites, you can add oxygen bleach to the load.Soap nuts perform better in a less than full load.There will be very little suds. No suds actually means no commercial foaming agents or chemicals.Soap nuts are wonderful for washing cloth diapers. Unlike chemical detergents, they will not clog the fabric causing the diaper to loose its absorbency and they will not cause diaper rash. In addition, soap nuts will clean and remove detergent residue from diapers.

I think the concept of using soap nuts instead of the usual laundry detergent were all so used to using is a much better alternative if your just starting to transition to a better green eco-friendly living. I wish I was more knowledgeable sooner. My mom was a stay at home parent before embarking as a school teacher, growing up in Dominican Republic I remember the smell of bleach and cleaning products all over the house washing the laundry with our bare hands. Did you know woman who are at stay home moms who handle toxins and all those harsh chemicals we use to clean our home are more likely to be exposed to cancer, or an illness. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer is her 30’s early age and now that I’m in my 30’s makes me wonder if being exposed to bleach on a daily basis and cleaning products had anything to do with breast cancer. Now that I’m more aware and I can teach my kids about it, and maybe just make little changes like switching our laundry detergent is all it takes. The soap nuts are so easy to use, is simple and you can re-use them unlike laundry detergent is so expensive. I also noticed the clothes dried faster and there’s no build up of harsh soaps, the kids even noticed that their clothes were soft to the touch and it  just smells clean fresh clean. The Soap Nuts Laundry Pre-Treat Stick works great for those food stains or grass stains. I loved the Soap Nut Shampoo Bar is clean and refreshing. The "EXTREME Hair" Soap Nut Shampoo left my hair clean, is sulfate-free and free of build up I will be adding this as my regular shampoo is so gentle and good for your hair, it doesn’t strip your hair of it’s natural oils, is a must have. 

Have you tried Soap Nuts? 

To find out more or to purchase you can visit NaturOil.com


Disclosure: Product sample was provided. All opinions are 100% my own. 

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