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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

NaturOli SoapNuts & Natural Skin Care Giveaway

"NaturOli is a natural skin care company that believes that an educated consumer is a happy consumer. We specialize in natural alternative cleaning products based on saponin extract from soap nuts that are wild-harvested in Northern India and Nepal. NaturOli imports only high quality soap nuts of the Mukorossi variety that grow primarily in the northern region of India and Nepal. We do this for only one reason. The Mukorossi tree tends to produce fruits of consistently high saponin content. That is what is most important. However, as with any crop of nature, growing seasons can vary each year based on climate and specific weather conditions. In addition, the fruit is harvested after falling from the tree. The seeds are removed by hand. They are sun dried in the open air. There will be various sizes, colors and conditions of the shells harvested from the exact same tree and harvest. Just as not all apples, oranges, grapes, etc. from the same harvest have the exact same color, size and taste, not all soap nuts from the same growing area will look and feel exactly the same."

This specially priced package will introduce you to many NaturOli exclusive soap berry basedformulations. Discover Mother Nature's wonderful, natural gift of soap nuts! Retail Value: $28.95 

Soap Nuts "Starter" Set includes:
- 1/4 POUND of NaturOli "Select" Soap Nuts, USDA Certified Organic (with 8-pg info and instructions pamphlet plus heavy duty wash bag).
- 1-oz Mini-Size of "EXTREME 18X" Soap Nut Liquid Concentrate (Detergent and Cleaner)
- A rich, handmade Soap Nut Shampoo Bar.- A luxurious, handmade Soap Nuts Cleansing Bar.

NaturOli exclusive Soap Nuts Laundry Pre-Treat Stick.
NOTE: Stick dispenser type may vary from shown. Product weight will be equal or more.

A 2-oz Mini-Size of our ultra-popular "EXTREME Hair" Soap Nut Shampoo.

You can also read my review green-living-naturoli-soapnuts-natural.


                                                     Soap Nuts "Starter” Set Retail Value: $28.95 

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                             To find out more or to purchase you can visit NaturOil.com


Disclosure: Product sample was provided. All opinions are my own. 


  1. Recently I've switched by dish and laundry soap to earth first brand, biodegradable soaps. Very happy

  2. We are starting small, recycling as much as possible. Using reusable shopping bags when grocery shopping. Using vinegar to clean when possible.

  3. My family and I are starting to recycle more and I am staring to by more natural and organic products.

    Thank you,

    Ollie Moss

  4. I'm taking part in TerraCycle - sending in packaging from personal care items to be recycled.

  5. I am using more cloth/reusable bags whenever I go shopping to use less plastic and paper bags. Less bags = less waste!

  6. Recycling and using public transportation.

  7. Trying to use more rags and towels in the kitchen -- and reusable napkins!

  8. I do all of our laundry in cold water!